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    Tip # 01 :: December 2003
Painting pure color by value
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    Tip # 02 :: January 2004
When is a painting done?
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    Tip # 03 :: February 2004
Don't get stuck in between
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    Tip # 04 :: March 2004
Don’t give up; you can “SAVE” that painting!
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    Tip # 05 :: April 2004
Finding your space
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    Tip # 06 :: May 2004
Choosing the best color contrast
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    Tip # 07 :: June 2004
Lose your edge
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    Tip # 08 :: July 2004
On location
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    Tip # 09 :: August 2004
Getting your pigments in order
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    Tip # 10 :: September 2004
Making a choice Transparent, Semi-Transparent, or Opaque
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